Welcome to China Environmental Technology and Bioenergy

China Environmental Technology and Bioenergy Holdings Limited is a specialist in wood processing technology. Holding over 100 registered patents, the Company has a leading position in the innovation of wood modification and eco-friendly technologies. Via advanced wood processing technologies, the Company provide one-stop services on home building materials, leisure furniture and tourism facilities to customers in over 35 countries and regions. The Company also supply clean energy such as biomass fuel to the market through its innovative eco-friendly technology. The customer base of the Company covers large home improvement chain stores, tourism industry developers, builders and end consumers.

Our mission: To build ecological and environmentally-friendly leisure lifestyle for the customers.

Timber houses and their related sturctures and parts

We produce customised timber houses and their related parts.. Read More

Recreational products

Our recreational products focus on children's recreational and leisure activities..

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Outdoor and indoor furniture

Our outdoor and indoor furniture includes patio furniture such as tables and chairs..

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Landscape garden products

Our landscape garden products are designed for use in both public and private outdoor areas..

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Pet-home designs

We produce a variety of pet-home designs each with their own unique designs..

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Trading of timber

As one of the largest wooden product manufacturers in China, we import timbers from over 30 countries..

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Renewable energy products

Our renewable energy business recycles the residue materials generated..

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Investor Relations

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04/11/2021 Monthly Return
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